Doughnut/Donut? – National Doughnut Day!

On Friday 5th it was National Doughnut Day and so we walked to the Kings Cross Market to get ourselves some of the finest doughnuts London has to offer.

I am of course talking about Crosstown Doughnuts! It was so warm though that we had lost our appetite before even arriving, and so we opted for a mini doughnut. For only £1.50 we bought a Passion Fruit, Belgium Milk Chocolate Ganache Doughnut with their signature Hybrid Sourdough mixture.

I know it was so small, but my word it was packed with flavour. I wasn’t sure how good a chocolate and passion fruit mix would be, but it was so amazing. The passion fruit was so tangy and the chocolate helped tone down the flavour in a great way.

Crosstown Doughnuts are at the Kings Cross Market, and have so many locations now around London, with some full on stores, and others being Doughnut Bars.

For my outfit, I am wearing an ASOS white linen shirt, Topshop jeans, Urban Outfitters sandals (with little gold elephants on them), H&M bag, and Zara sunglasses!

So I hope everyone enjoyed their National Doughnut Day! I request more doughnut days a year!


Simply the best

Simply the best



Beautiful Market

Beautiful Market

Found a Yellow Bus!

Found a Yellow Bus!

We'll take the lot

We’ll take the lot



3 thoughts on “Doughnut/Donut? – National Doughnut Day!

  1. lactosefreekitchen says:

    Oh la la, these look so good! Maybe I need to try a dairy-free recipe, I will make sure to link it back to you when that happens! I just wanted to say thank you for the like. I made sure to follow you and I hope we continue to support each other. 🙂


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