Patrick Grant x anCnoc


Hey guys!

So, I was recently  given the opportunity to try anCnoc’s new whisky (pronounced a-nock), Blas. I have never really drunk much whisky, and when I had, it was often mixed, like in a Whisky Sour. So I was really happy to give this a try, and open my eyes to what seems to be a rather masculine drink.

This limited edition bottle, which has been designed by the award-winning fashion designer, Patrick Grant, is honey coloured in appearance, but sweet and fruity in taste, with clear lemon and orange peel notes. What made the whole experience even better was that I was given a beautiful silk scarf with the same design as on the bottle, which I have tied to my favourite handbag!

All in all, I genuinely really enjoyed this whisky, and it definitely helped that I felt like Don Draper whilst drinking it!

Have a lovely Saturday everyone. xx



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