Manuka Honey & Ginger Lemonade

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Manuka Honey: From Holland & Barrett

I have started to cook with, and add Manuka honey to a number of different dishes and drinks lately. This honey is from Australia and New Zealand, and comes from the nectar of the Manuka tree. I would describe it as a strong, aromatic flavour, which is rich and earthy. It can been used on superficial burns, as well as in a number of beauty recipes (see my Skinfood’s post, as many of those products contain this honey)

Today I made a big pitcher of Manuka honey and ginger lemonade. It was really refreshing, so below are the steps on how to make it!

– 6 cups of cold water
– 1   1/2 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice
– 1 cup of Manuka honey
– 1/3 cup of sliced ginger
– Ice cubes
– Mint leaves (for garnishing)
– Lemon slices (for garnishing)

Step 1: Bring 2 cups of water, the honey, and the ginger to a boil in a sauce pan, before removing from heat and letting the mixture steep for 10 minutes

Step 2: Strain out any ginger, and refrigerate the honey and water until cool

Step 3: In a pitcher, combine the remaining 4 cups of water, the honey/ginger water, and the lemon juice

Step 4: Add ice cubes as well as mint leaves and lemon slices

I found this recipe from: and bought my Manuka honey from

Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend!



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