Kini Swimwear -Your Design, Custom Made

I am a bit of a bikini hoarder, and before I ever go away I make sure to buy way more than I would ever need. But I found a bikini brand through instagram, called Kini Swimwear, that allows you to customise your own swimmers.

My custom bikini arrived a few weeks before my trip, and so now that I can actually wear it to the beach and pool I want to show how easy it is to design your own.

STEP ONE – Choose a Style: Ok, each step is actually really simple, but I suck at making decisions, especially when given so many options, so this took me a while. I looked at their instagram to see what some of their customers looked like in the different styles, and eventually decided on the Racer (which has three options: short, long or no sleeves). Then I chose the briefs, because I find they look better on my hips which are naturally a lot wider than my top half, but again, its totally about preference.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 21.13.45 - choose

STEP TWO – Customise: This is where I clicked on literally every single option, and mixed-and-matched all the different prints on various parts of the bikini. Again, I can’t stress enough that I took longer to do this than I could imagine most people would, because I am so fussy! But in reality, it probably only took me about 15 minutes to decide.
You can see down the left side that there are loads of options (add-ons) that you can choose, for example, ties on the bottoms, or a zip on the top. On the right are the fabrics, which come in plain, metallic, or patterns. In keeping with my monochromatic theme I picked plain black and white fabrics for the top and ‘Whatever-Wherever’ for the collar and bottoms.
Then you just have to pick your top and bottom sizes, and order!

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 21.15.23 - bikiniP.S. If you really are struggling to choose, there are pre-designed options, which you can either buy or use as inspo, but also you can ‘Shop My Shape’ which allows you to find the right cut and fit for your figure.

I’ll up load me in the finished version soon here on my website, and also, of course, on instagram (@thelondonfoxx), twitter (@thelondonfoxx) and snapchat (naomiharris1) – follow/add me to make sure not to miss any of my South East Asia trip.



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