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Last Monday I got my ‘glow on’ at London’s most insta-worthy wellness haunt. And whilst the millennial pinks and banana leaf prints will always grab my attention, the treatments were so magnificent I decided to dust off my laptop to write my first blog post in over a year!

I arrived to meet the lovely girls from Clinique for #MoistureMondays to experience a Moisture Surge evening of relaxation and pampering. The upstairs space has an amazing cafe, where I grabbed a Glow Moon Milk on ice (Rose, Beetroot, Schisandra) before heading downstair to get ready for my facial.

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As expected, the changing rooms were stunning, and I quickly stripped and couldn’t resits a selfie or two! I removed my make-up using the Clinique Take the Day Off Balm, Wipes and the Micellar Gel. I use the balm to start, avoiding my eyes, and wipe off the excess with the wipes. I then head back with the balm and remove my eye make up, repeating with the wipes to clean off the remaining balm. I finished with the gel as I find it gets every last bit of foundation off. I use these products every single day at home, so loved that I could do my routine at the event too.


I was taken to a treatment room where the amazing Sophie Carbonari gave me a sensational cleansing ritual facial using the Moisture Surge range, and finally the Overnight Mask was applied before I headed to the sauna!


I spent 30 minutes in one of Glow Bar’s Infrared Saunas, which was one of the most relaxing half an hours I have had in months. Whilst there was an option to plug my phone in and play some music, I chose to lay in silence to add to my calming experience. There are a number of private saunas, which means you can truly relax and destress. I know we should all be body proud, but I would still rather sauna alone, than with others!

Back to my skin (!) – The Clinique overnight mask tightens pores, makes the skin firmer and softer, and contains hyaluronic acid, which penetrated the skin more intensely due to the pores opening during the sauna session. On top of the amazing Clinique products, the infrared saunas simulate collagen production while healing your skin from the surface to deeper levels leading to long term skin benefits. As well as giving you an instant glow, the saunas release endorphins, improve circulation and give your immune system a boost!! Learn more about the saunas and book your appointment here.

Finally, I headed back to Sophie for my facial massage, where she applied the Moisture Surge Intense and used the rose quartz roller to massage in the products, focusing on my temples and cheek bones. As I write this I can feel my body relax just thinking about it. In the space of just over an hour I had gone from being a stressed-out, impatient city worker, to a relaxed, chilled out, sleepy human!


Safe to say, I slept like a baby, and felt more relaxed all the next day. I honestly would happily go back everyday if I had the time and money, but will be booking in another sauna session soon.

If you want to read more about Glow Bar, and the founder’s, Sasha Sabapathy, story click here!





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